The Laksh Foundation invites volunteers every year from all over the world to contribute to its various initiatives. Since 2008 our volunteer programme has been focusing on the Laksh School by creating key projects to develop new educational initiatives and to enhance our existing work in our four learning centres at Alampur, Dhouj, Silakhari & Manger (all within 2 km or less from the Laksh Farms).

“The Ideal Laksh Volunteer – Our Laksh volunteers should be energetic, enthused and prepared to get their hands dirty. We are looking for good communicators, who can communicate their ideas with their hands, faces and eyes and not just the sound of their voice. We need volunteers who can think on their feet, respond to what is needed of them in the moment and to keep a cool and calm head when things are difficult.”

The Laksh Foundation is supported entirely through donations and it runs two types of volunteer programs:

Long-term Volunteers are people with experience in education especially for under privileged rural children. These volunteers are provided free board and lodge and a stipend based on qualification.

Short-term self sponsored volunteers are people who cannot commit full time but are keen to contribute by offering any skill they can pass on. This group includes school/college students etc. They will be provided certification by the foundation for their social obligation and contribution to the under privileged rural children. Such volunteers are expected to pay for the period of stay at the foundation’s volunteer rates* for board and lodge.




Given below are the key responsibilities of our volunteer programme:
To provide basic teacher training to the Laksh teachers: including presentation, lesson planning and introducing innovative teaching methods. This will be done in co-operation with our head project coordinator Mr Madan Lal Sharma

• To contribute to the teaching of English within the school network

• To develop the quality of the written and spoken English language skills of the school teachers

• To contribute to the teaching of other classes in the school, particularly Arts and Crafts (painting, drawing, clay work, paper-mache etc.), Drama and Sports

• To support the team in designing course material and curriculum structure for some of the classes

• To introduce innovative teaching methods for the school (not just teaching ‘by rote’), and to provide guidance to help teachers develop additional methods of teaching

• Although other classes are taught in Hindi, the volunteers may also be involved in some of these lessons by demonstrating practical experiments, and through arts, crafts and drama.

Other opportunities for volunteers
Volunteers can also participate in farm activities that include the dairy/animal husbandry and other agricultural activities. Depending on the season, this could range from harvesting to tilling.



The volunteers will be provided board and lodging at the farm*. Bottled water is available at Laksh Farms and can also be purchased locally. Water at Laksh Farms goes through reverse osmosis and can be consumed as well.  Simple farm fresh meals will be provided. The volunteers will have access to the kitchen and will also have the option of making their own food. Volunteers are encouraged to assist the staff with food preparation and in the kitchen.

For more information on lodging at lakshfarms, visit


• Volunteers are advised to carry some basic food provisions and snacks if they wish, as there is a very limited range of packaged food products in the local area.

• Short term volunteers will be charged for board and lodging. Please for more details.


Volunteers must bring any medication or prescription drugs that they take or anticipate that they may need. It is recommended that volunteers should purchase a small, general first aid kit with sterile equipment before departure.

• Burn-ease (for the treatment of sunburn)
• Plasters (various sizes)
• Anti-bacterial wipes and gel
• Scissors
• Blister plasters
• Imodium or another diarrhoea
• Hydration tablets or electrolyte salts
• Volunteers are also advised to bring a sufficient supply of mosquito repellent, high-factor sun block and a sun-hat.  Mosquito nets will be available at Laksh Farm.

The nearest medical facilities are at Gurgaon, 30 minutes away – Paras Hospitals


Although all types of clothing are permitted within the main farm area,  (and certainly anywhere else) it is advised that Indian clothing or t-shirts with loose cotton trousers are worn. Light clothing is recommended, and should cover the body. Nothing revealing should be worn due to cultural sensitivities, especially in this rural area.It is also recommended that a sturdy pair of shoes would be beneficial as well as sandals\slippers.


Laksh Farms is located within a rural area, and as such comparatively remote. The Lumba family lives on the farm, as well as four other families (workers families’, live on the outskirts of the farm), and Village Manger is nearby. The farm is located in a valley and its fields spread over 9 acres, in a very natural and picturesque setting. There is access to basic supplies, although volunteers should ensure that they take any essential or special items with them. As a working farm, various farm animals also roam freely.