Laksh Foundation was started in 2007 and registered as a charitable organisation in 2009. Today it’s work spans 6 villages – Manger, Silakhari, Dhauj, Sirohi, Khori and Alampur- and benefits more than 1000 children and their families. Over 50 women participate in its women’s empowerment program. Eleven years on, we are grateful to be an active participant in the massive grassroots social change that has just begun.


Our board of directors bring to the table a wealth of diverse talent and varied experience, but the one thing they have in common is largeness of heart and the desire to make a difference. They are responsible for articulating our vision, developing it into actionable mission plans, fundraising and consistently steering the program to its evolution and success.

Mrs. Ila Lumba

Mrs. Ila Lumba, President

Mr. Shakti Lumba

Mr. Shakti Lumba, Vice President

Ms Priti Issar – Secretary


Mrs. Beenu Mathur, Treasurer


Ms. Pallavi Lumba


Mr. Shiv Lumba






We have a regular team of two dedicated and trained professional educators, with deep rural acculturation and sensibilities, who are based in Mangar. They recruit and undertake training of up to 45 local teachers, coordinate the teaching in all Centres under the Laksh umbrella, and manage the Volunteer program.


Madan Sharma
Program CoOrdinator

PROGRAM CO ORDINATOR Madan Sharma¬†holds a Master’s Degree in Education, and has prior experience working for a reputed NGO in the Education sector for the underprivileged in South Delhi.