About us

Established in 2008

Laksh farms began with a simple vision to never refuse any child an opportunity to receive basic education. Today with more than 1200 students across 6 villages we are proud of our successes and grateful to all our supporters and collaborators.



The first Laksh education centre starts as a simple open air school with a handful of local village children.


The first school on Laksh Farm is established by Delhi teachers and four Warwick students. 150 children start lessons. 


Three volunteers from Warwick go back in the summer to help out. There are now 160 pupils.


The Government of Haryana passes a ‘Right to Education’ Act, stating that all children must attend their local government schools. Laksh develops a new long-term strategy to continue offering free education in line with this new directive.


Laksh’s first full-time Coordinator develops an expansion strategy, setting up teaching centres in Mangar and Silakhari villages. Eight local young people are recruited and trained and start delivering extra-curricular lessons which are aligned to the Indian curriculum.

Seven Warwick students work over the summer months, helping teachers to develop their skills.

170 children attend regular tutorials.


Laksh opens two more centres in Dhauj and Alumpur villages. The teaching team grows from eight to 13, and 12 Warwick volunteers spend the summer with the growing schools.


The teaching centres continue to thrive with 450 pupils in regular attendance. New, larger facilities are secured in Silakhari and Dhauj to accommodate the growing number of pupils.

There are now 17 teachers, and 12 volunteers from Warwick. „ Warwick staff visit to help with expansion plans and to celebrate the University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.


672 pupils registered in the schools. A record 43% of pupils are female, as well as six teachers.

The schools give girls a safe place to study and thrive. „The Foundation employs five team leaders and 21 other teachers, who all benefit from training and mentoring by the 12 Student Volunteers from Warwick over the summer.


Today Laksh has more than 1200 students across 6 education centres across 5 villages. 


To never refuse a child their right to basic education by building sustainable educational infrastructure and practices that empower local communities.


To empower each and every child of rural Haryana with a capacity to build and improve their own life and future.