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Empowering the locals
Sustainability is at the heart of our efforts

We empower the rural community by training the local youth to become motivated educators. By bringing in a constant flow of professional educationists, exchange students from foreign universities and contributions from a diverse set of professionals.

10 years and still a long way to go

Laksh Foundation started nearly a decade ago with a makeshift school to provide a learning space to our neighbourhood kids and has been expanding ever since. After receiving an overwhelming response from the local community, the local government schools approached us for partnership and we never looked back since. Today we are 600 students strong and boast a really encouraging 45% girl-child representation in our schools, and we feel that is just the beginning of things to come.
"At Laksh foundation we believe in equal opportunity for everyone, no child or woman who wishes to participate is ever refused"~- Ila Lumba, President

A big thanks to Warwick University.

Our efforts to bring in a constant knowledge flow into this community hit a milestone when we announced our collaboration with Warwick University, UK in 2010. Since then we receive 12 students every year to conduct intensive teacher training, classroom management and creative teaching technique programs with our batch of Laksh Teachers. The influx of these highly motivated and talented students from one of the finest universities abroad boosts the local teachers' enthusiasm and helps us grow more and more each year.
The Laksh Team

Ila Lumba

President - Laksh Foundation

Shakti Lumba

Vice President - Laksh Foundation

Priti Issar

Secretary & Mentor

Beenu Mathur

Treasurer & Mentor

Madan Lal Sharma

Project Coordinator - Laksh Schools

Jane Williams

Mentor - Women's Cooperative


Educational Consultant

Volunteers Speak

"I wholeheartedly believe that this project is the start of something wonderful, and hope that similar initiatives can be established in communities like this across India."
~ Emily Philips, Warwick University Volunteer