Educational support for rural Haryana

The Laksh Foundation

The Laksh foundation provides free educational support by establishing rural tuition centres for the Board of Secondary Education, Haryana (BSEH) in partnership with the local government schools.

Tuition centres

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How does our foundation empower local communities?

Traditionally many local children in rural communities end up dropping-out from state schools without gaining any qualifications, usually because they need to help their families. The Laksh Foundation’s schools welcome local children from the poorest of backgrounds, aged between three and eighteen years old, and put them in flexible classes based on their academic ability rather than age.

Want to know how we started our journey? Click below to see a timeline of our growth over the last 12 years.

Would you like to support us?

You can support us with your donations or by volunteering. By donating as little as Rs. 5000 you can support a child’s education for an entire academic year. If you wish to volunteer we are looking for people with professional experience in teaching, teacher training, pedagogy, journalism, project management, fundraising & NGO administration.

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